Liquid Good

Understanding Mycorrhiza phytophthora solutions and companion planting

Welcome to our research and photographs of our physical results.

Anybody who grows anything should understand "mycorrizha" which are made up of a number of fungus species that live around the root zones and perform vital functions for plant health.

"Myco" means fungus and "rhiza" refers to the "root" derived from the word "rhizome".  Mycorrizha means fungus root.

It operates by tightly enveloping a plant root with its thread like network of hyphae which act as elongated root hairs in the soil profile.  These extensions to the plant roots can cover and explore more of the soil than the roots can on their own.

The relationship between the plant and its mycorrhiza is a form of sophisticated symbiosis or mutual "back scratching".  Plants provide the sweet energy of carbohydrates to mycorrizha.  They form a network between different species of plants, shrubs and trees which allows exchanges of nutrients between symbiotic members.  This fact may be a revelation to those trying to understand companion planting.


In nature living beings form part of the food chain to sustain all life.  Pathological fungi also exist in nature to assist in removing weaker specimens.  Some plant specimens do not enjoy wet feet or growing in soils where there are rotting roots or stumps from previous trees.  There is a theory a naturally occuring fungus called phytophthora likes to exploit these growing conditions much to the angst of humans trying to produce crops for food and profit.  Often underground water courses are not viewable to surface dwellers.

When the conditions are favourable, phytophthora breaks out and kills plants.  It is commonly recognised when the plants turn yellow and die.  Phytophthora has the capacity to continue to harm plants until a fungal balance or "good mood" is restored to the soil.  Our research indicates that the health of mycorrhzia in a "good mood balanced soil" is one of the best ways to combat phytophthora and restore it to a less damaging presence within the soil.

How do we restore this balance?

Liquid Good is a unique blend of fulvic and humic substances derived from ancient vegetation.  Fulvic and humic acids have the capacity to sustain and invigorate mycorrizha.

The photographs below reveal how applications of Liquid Good to phytophthora infected 15 year old avocado trees have not only restored the balance of the fungi to allow the trees to live but have gone on to provide the energy to make the trees production benchmarks.

Hass Avocado Tree

This mature avocado tree suffered from phytophthora soil fungus. 20 litres of straight Liquid Good was applied around the base of the tree at 4 weekly intervals during 2005 and 2006.

Hass Avocado Tree

The tree pictured left, after 2 years of treating with Liquid Good.

Hass Avocado Tree

This 16 year old avocado tree suffered from phytophthora soil fungus. It was severely pruned back and 20 litres of straight Liquid Good was applied around the base of the tree at 4 weekly intervals during the summer of 2005.

Hass Avocado Tree

The avocado tree pictured above
4 months later after 4 applications of Liquid Good.