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Wally Richards is a well read garden writer who has received feedback from customers with good crops after using Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL).

Wally's Garden Enterprises is supplied Liquid Good which is sold to the home garden market as MBL

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Growing vegetables and fruit has always been one of my main concerns in gardening since I was a tot. If you can eat it, grow it, all other plants are for show. This does not mean that I don't like my roses, annuals, ornamental trees and shrubs. They all serve a good purpose which I can enjoy, when my belly is full of my own, home grown produce.

This thinking dates back to over fifty plus years ago, when many New Zealanders used to grow most of their own fruit and vegetables. In the last 50 years things changed, we started to depend on others to grow the produce that we put on our tables.

Initially this produce was healthy, grown with compost and similar natural products. It contained nutritional value and fed a growing nation.

Progressively things changed as super phosphate and other chemical fertilisers were used by the market gardeners. Nutritional values dropped, the crops were attacked by diseases and pests, chemical sprays were applied and the health of the nation declined.

The heartening news is; many gardeners have woken up to this problem and are now taking more notice of what harmful substances are in the food we eat.

I have spoken to a number of garden centre owners and they all report that they have never sold as many vegetable seedlings and seeds, this new season, than ever before.

I believe that people do not want to have illnesses such as cancer and that they realise that cancer and several other health problems are largely resulting from the chemicals in our food chain.

The answer is simple; grow as much as you can of your own produce so that your body receives a reasonable amount of wholesome goodness. The food tastes that much better and your health will be far better off as a result.

Dig up some lawn and make a plot for vegetables. Build raised gardens, grow in containers, remember where there is a will, there is a way and its your health we are talking about.

There are some basic rules to grow healthy produce;

1/ Remember that whatever you put into the soil will be in your food.

2/ Avoid all chemical fertilisers, sprays and chemical weed killers.

3/ Use only natural composts, sheep manure pellets, blood & bone, liquid manures, lime, gypsum, dolomite etc.

4/ Enhance the number minerals and elements in the soil by using mineral rich products such as Ocean Solids, Simalith and Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL)and Sea Weed Extracts.

5/ Feed the beneficial microbes and fungi with Mycorrcin and MBL.

Doing the above will build an excellent soil food web which is the key to the health of all living things on the planet.

The next question is what vegetables to grow? This depends on the amount of garden room you have or alternatively grow in containers such as the polystyrene trays. I grow the following in these trays; lettuce, silverbeet, spring onions, beetroot, dwarf beans, radishes, parsley.

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